Selasa, 16 Jun 2009

If nothing cant be improved anymore...

altitude is what more important than its come...

so juz try our best in our life,
give no mercy to "giving up" and dont blame failure that have been made.

no matter what happen, continue our steps forward.

look at our back to remind ourself what probably gonna happen in front..not to critically critic our weaknesses...

we do have weaknesses, so that we can improve...what is gonna happen if we dont have anything to be improved in our life? word...BORING (maybe its not for losers)

why we eat? to improve our energy to do work

why we sleep? to refresh our body after working for whole day..

why we work? to improve our life style ( kalo byk duit bleh la g DFO ke, beli bungalow ke,)

why we have sex? (tak masal, tibe2 kuar) coz we wanna a family to cheer our life up.

cannot imagine juz rite after we're born:

1) already 6'5' tall (where is my childhood gone) dah besar panjang nak main pondok2 lagi, gitu ke?..dah tau ko tu dah besar ape lagik, tak der nafsu ke? unless ko tuh Down or KlineFelter)

2) got 4 wives n trillion kids already? (tak logik kot.. takkn tak bermukah dulu?)...

3) rite after we're born until now, we cannot sleep/sleeping is unnecessary..( cannot even enjoy ur first Wetdream...then how to know u already big boy?..manually prove by using ur hand?...yeww..but sometime arhhh....(matilah aku org pahm)...

one of the colors of rainbow in our life is the experience that we got to improve ourselves...tak gitu ke?

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